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Tenant Screening / Evictions Services

Tenant Screening / Evictions

Your investment property is cared for with the same quality as the tenants that live in it.  Here at Feltrim Property Management, we take this part of the application process very serious! Putting the wrong tenant in can be the difference between a positive or negative year-end net operating income. That’s why every applicant 18 years or older who occupy our homes go through a rigorous background and screening process that includes credit check, criminal background, sex offender registry (where permitted by law), employment verification and rental history, while all complying with all applicable laws, Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

As careful and thorough as we are during our screening processes, an occasional need to evict a tenant occurs. However, here at Feltrim Property Management, our staff is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord/tenant laws. If the tenant does not pay rent on time or breaches the terms of the lease, we initiate the proper legal steps necessary, in the fastest possible time frame, to minimize your costs and get the property leased again.

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