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Need a Tenant for Your Rental?

At Feltrim Property Management, we already market our clients across an impressive list of advertising channels. We can do the same for you if you want to manage your property yourself, but need help answering the following questions.  CLICK HERE to contact us if you are wondering…

  • …where do I place ads?
  • …how do I find the time to answer calls and show the property?
  • …how do I run the application? (We run full criminal history, credit and eviction background checks, income and rental verification).
  • …what kind of a lease do I prepare that will fully protect me? (Our leases are attorney generated)
  • …how do I find the time to do all of the necessary walk-through’s and inspections?

3 Day Notice to Cure for Non-payment of Rents:

In the state of Florida, per Florida Statutes, serving a 3-day notice is a necessary step if the tenant has violated the lease terms. Below are just a few examples of just a few of the most common violations, but not all-inclusive. If a tenant…

  • …has not paid the rent and it is after the 4th of the month.
  • …has paid late before and now again the tenant is even 1 day late.
  • …has not paid and you want to evict. According to Florida statutes, an eviction cannot occur until a 3-day notice has been served properly and has expired.

7 Day Notice to Cure Violation:

In the state of Florida, per Florida Statutes, serving a 7-day notice is a necessary step if the tenant has violated the lease terms.  Below are just a few examples of just a few of the most common violations, but not all-inclusive.  If a tenant…

  • …has unauthorized tenants (guests living in your property but not registered on the lease, 18 years of age or older)
  • …has violated lease term(s). Per Florida statutes, in most cases, you cannot evict the tenant until a 7-day notice has been served properly and has expired.
  • …has received an HOA violation.
  • …has not properly cared for the landscaping of the property.
  • …has an unauthorized pet(s) living in your property that has not been registered.

Walkthrough Services:

As with many of our owners who live abroad, they depend on us for keeping a physical eye on their investment property to ensure it stays in good condition so it will receive the most rental revenue possible, as well as preserve it for a future sale, or even a retirement home. If you are managing a home yourself, but life is keeping you too busy to conduct this type of checks-n-balance, our walk-through services can provide you with that peace-of-mind. Our walk-through services can be as minimal or as comprehensive as you need, but the best times to conduct a walk-through inspection are when the tenant has:

  • …moved into the property between 60 and 90 days ago.
  • …has possibly moved in an unauthorized pet.
  • …has created a HOA violation against your property.
  • …has reported and/or created a major maintenance issue and you want to confirm the quality of the repair.
  • …has been living in the property at least 180 days but has at least 90 days left on the lease. This is a great time to decide if the tenant is worthy of getting a renewal opportunity.

In addition to the above periodic inspections during the tenants stay, we can perform a professional review of your property’s condition prior to and/or at the end of your Tenants stay.  These reports will allow you to establish a clear understanding of what condition the tenant left your property in. For example, we take pictures of conditions prior to move-in, and ensure all issues are taken care of, or if there are approved conditions, that they are notated for move-out reference. Upon move-out, if a tenant claims they didn’t cause certain damage, we can prove otherwise through proof of photography.  A picture says a thousand words, right? Using this style of property management, tenants are much more likely to maintain your property in proper condition.

These visual inspections have maximum effect ensuring the tenant is taking care of your property when they know these inspections will be happening. The ultimate goal is to ensure your asset is taken care of, not to catch them doing something bad.  By then, the damage is done. The damage is what we want to avoid, so prevention is the best medicine! If the tenant knows these inspections are coming, they will consciously take care of the asset because they do not want to get in trouble.

Future services we will be offering. If you need any of these services immediately, feel free to contact our office:

  1. Lease-ONLY preparation with month-to-month provision.
  2. Eviction Protection Program – For just $10/month, Feltrim Property Management offers peace of mind in the face of an eviction event. It is inevitable that no matter how diligent Feltrim Property Management is with our screening process, legal action sometimes is the only option available to enforce the terms of the lease when life goes wrong for the tenants. Life comes at our tenants not always in a nice way that causes rents to not get paid, or a tenant’s behavior/actions require us to take decisive action to remove the tenant from the property to protect landlord or other rightful interests such as unlawful activities on the property, failure to maintain the property, unauthorized tenants, animals, etc.  In any situation, Florida Team Realty must act to protect the best interests of the landlord and begin a costly eviction process that can cost anywhere from $500 – $700 or more.  To help mitigate the costs associated with eviction, our Eviction Protection Program includes up to $700 in aggregate protection when the eviction process has started, which includes (but are not limited to) all notices, attorney fees, and legal costs including filing and serving the eviction. The only eviction that would not be covered is if the tenant requests and is granted a jury trial, which is rare to occur. The typical eviction begins with proper legal notices being served to the renter and concluding with the sheriff’s writ of possession and meeting the sheriff at the property to remove the renter. In some cases, the eviction costs can exceed our maximum protection of up to $700, but it’s nice to know that this protection is there to mitigate the costs, and in many cases, fully cover the cost.
    • Evictions may only occur as a result of a cause, and cannot be caused by the landlord.
    • If a property goes into foreclosure or lis pendens, it will be subject to management approval to participate in the Eviction Protection Program.
    • For the benefits of the Eviction Protection Program to be utilized by a landlord, a valid property management agreement must be in effect.
    • This clause contains the complete and entire agreement between the parties regarding the EPP being provided by Florida Team Realty and is not in any way an indemnity or insurance contract of any kind.
    • This program does not reimburse for loss of rents, damage to the property or any other loss not directly associated with the eviction process.
    • If the property is currently rented/occupied when the management agreement is signed, then this program will not become effective until the start of the sixth month of management. This program only covers tenants placed in the property by Florida Team Realty.
    • Our Eviction Protection Program is an optional benefit service offered to our owner / clients. If owner chooses not to participate, there will be a $25 fee charged to owner each time papers are filed in court and an additional $75 fee each time an agent must appear in court.
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