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The 4-M’s: “Marketing Means Making Money!”

Marketing Means Making Money

No rental property leases itself! That seems silly to say that out loud, but this idea holds the same truth as “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil”. Rental properties that sit vacant make no money for the owner, or the management company. This is why Feltrim Property Management employs a number of marketing tactics to get your property marketed among the masses where they will get viewed every day. We will find you qualified tenants by actively marketing your property 24-7 until it gets rented!

Hold on, though. Before we market your property, there are a few things to consider to ensure our marketing efforts are maximizing your opportunity to capture a renter.

  1. Remove all of your personal belongings from the home. Personal property left behind is considered part of the lease and is subject to use by the tenants.
  2. Ensure your home has great curb appeal! This is the first impression, and the most important one that can lead to, or NOT lead to a lease signing.
  3. Make sure your home is clean and in great physical shape. Renters do not want to deal with cleaning or maintenance and vendor visits right after a long, daunting move-in.
  4. Ensure all appliances and other home devices are in working order and in code compliance with for safe use by hiring a home inspector
  5. Finally, get Landlord Insurance to protect against loss of income during possible event that renders your home uninhabitable.
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