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Feltrim Property Management Homes For Rent

Welcome to Feltrim Property Management properties for rent. Below is a list of currently available homes. If you would like to request a showing, please click below. NOTE – In order to save time and money, before you complete an application, there are a few things that can disqualify your application, or weigh negatively in your favor, see below.

The Following May Disqualify Your Application

  • 1. An Eviction
  • 2. A credit score of less than 500
  • 3. Unpaid balances due to landlords
  • 4. Unsatisfactory rental references
  • 5. Undischarged bankruptcies
  • 6. Unqualified occupants
  • 7. Pets “can be” a reason based on number of pets, size, or breed.
Give us a call today at (863-353-0011) to start living a little more stress-free!